99R3 Complete kit


Fully 3D-printed  slotcar kit, slightly inspired by the Porsche 992 GT3 R.
Including FK180 AW motor pod.

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Body and chassis are printed using SLS technology in PA11 nylon, offering great impact resistance and a surface finish superior to any filament print. 

Lenght: 144.3 mm
Width: 64.8 mm
Wheelbase: 78.4 mm
Guide to rear axle: 96.5 mm

The kit includes:
1x SLS printed body
1x SLS printed chassis
1x SLS printed standard guide
1x SLS printed wood racing guide
1x MJF Printed AW motorpod – 1.0 mm offset
1x Vacuum formed interior with 3dp helmet and rollcage
1x Vacuum formed set of clear parts
2x Laser cut rubber wing supports
4x 3dp resin wheel inserts (13.8 mm OD)
3dp resin detail parts


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