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2024 Suzuka Double Digital

In January 2024, 201 Slotcars paricipated in their first ever international slotracing event.

Over the course of three days, three races would be carried out.

On the saturday, two 90 minute sprint races would be run using a 201 Slotcars 99R3 prototype against the the most successful cars from the likes of NSR, Racer Sideways and Scaleauto.
We would initially struggle with setup, mainly getting the weight distribution right, leaving minimal pracitce time for myself to get to grips with the new surface and digital system. This resulted in a dissappointing P13 finish out of 15 total.
For the second race, the desicion was made for me to sit out the race, to see what the car was capable of in the hands of more experienced drivers. In the end, we ended up with a fine P9, only 12 laps behind P4.

On the sunday, a 6 hour endurace race would take part. We were one of 5 teams to use the new Scaleauto 963 competing in the LMP1 class. We would win Best of Show thanks to a beutiful paintjob and light installation by Giovanni Russello.
Our car ended up segnificantly overweight and overgeared, which put us only P14 in qualifying. It would however be a very stable and forgiving car and would slowly climb up the ranks in the race after a poor race start by myself.
As darkness fell in the last 90 minutes of the race, a capacitor faliure on the light kit became apparent, and we had to pit in an attempt to repair it. In faliure to do so, we were handed a 100 lap penalty after the race, ending what had been a stable and consistant drive in a dissapointing P14.

/Jona Nolåkers – Team 201